When to call an AC repairman

HVAC repair can be expensive, leaving many homeowners to seek for cheaper alternatives by fixing the issue by themselves. Oftentimes, these repairs can be done by yourself with little to no issue; however, it is important to recognize the right time to call a professional AC Repairman.

AC Repairman

Regular HVAC Maintenance

The first line of defense against expensive air conditioning repair is to schedule regular AC maintenance with a company like Salt Air. Our professionals can inspect existing units and hardware to ensure peak performance on a scheduled, annual basis. It’s important to keep in mind that AC repairmen are most busy in the months of summer. Scheduling maintenance in spring or fall will help you beat the crowd; it will also help you beat the heat, in case your unit needs to be shutdown to complete work.


Calling for professional help may seem like the best solution, but you may be able to identify and fix the problem yourself. Try some of these basic steps first:

Clean your air conditioner. Shut down your unit and check for dirt or other obstructions around and inside the air conditioning system. Obstructions like these can affect the efficiency and reduce cooling power.

Check your circuit breaker. One of the most common issues repairmen are called for is a lack of power to the AC unit. It is likely that this is caused by the circuit breaker for that particular power switch. Save time and money by ensuring there is not a faulty switch – or by turning the power off and back on again.

Check the air filter. Air filters should be changed at least once a month. Replacing this filter will increase air quality and improve air flow too.

Salt Air offers a wide array of HVAC repair services when troubleshooting does not work. when you’re ready to hire a professional AC repairman to help, check out the Services page of our site.