The Warning Signs of a Broken Air Conditioner

Are you troubled lately by an extra-hot house? Starting to wonder if you’ve got a broken air conditioner?

Then stop wondering and keep reading. We have all the common signs you’re most likely experiencing if there’s something wrong with your AC.

Read on to learn the signs and know when to call in professional air conditioning repair near Wilmington, NC.

1. Weak Airflow

One of the most common signs something’s wrong with your air conditioner is a lack of airflow. Weaker-than-normal airflow could be a symptom of a few different AC problems.

It may be that one or more of your air ducts is collapsed, there could be a leak in the ductwork, or the evaporator coil could be clogged.

If you notice the airflow from your vents has gotten much weaker, consider having a professional come and take a look at your AC system.

2. You’re Getting Hot Air Instead of Cold

A sign of compressor failure, or possibly a refrigerant leak, is when your AC blows out hot air instead of cold. If you notice hot air where there’s supposed to be cold, don’t wait to get it repaired.

It won’t get better on its own. But it may get worse. So, call it in before those in your house get overheated.

3. Unusual Noises During Operation

AC units are designed to run quietly for the users’ convenience. If yours is as loud or obnoxious as a garbage disposal, something’s clearly wrong.

And yet, this issue can be surprisingly easy to miss. Sometimes, the noise level of operating your AC gets louder so gradually, you get used to it. But if you notice you turn up your TV when your AC comes on or you have to shout to talk over it, call a pro to take a look at it. 

And do so fast. It could be that the HVAC’s motor or other moving parts are grinding against something. If you don’t fix it soon, it may break down entirely.

4. Unusual Smells

Bad smells when you turn on the AC are a bad sign, and possibly a dangerous one. That smell could mean burnt out wire insulation or mold. Either one means a health risk to your family.

5. Moisture Around the System

It’s not normal for there to be puddles or moisture in the vicinity of your HVAC. It could simply be that the drain tube for the naturally-occurring condensation is blocked. Or it could be a refrigerant leak. For this reason, call HVAC repair immediately when you see moisture around your system.

6. High Humidity Levels

If your house has been extra humid lately, your air conditioner has stopped working properly. How do we know? One of your AC’s normal functions is removing humidity from indoor air. 

If your indoor air’s stuffy, and your windows and windowsills are always covered in moisture, it’s obviously an AC issue.

Broken Air Conditioner?

After reading these signs, you should now know whether or not you’ve got a broken air conditioner. If so, you know who to call. 

If you’re experiencing any of these AC problems, contact us by phone, email, or live chat right here on the website. One of our qualified heating and air conditioning contractors will be right over to fix it.