An Insider Look at the Top Rated Heating and Air Conditioning Systems of 2020

Summer is finally here, but so is quarantine. How do you make your home more comfortable in the summer heat? It’s easy: air conditioning.

Make quarantine tolerable by installing reliable heating and air conditioning systems. Read on to find the top-rated heating and air conditioning systems of 2020. 

5 Factors to Consider

While picking your top-rated heating and air conditioning systems this summer, understand how to meet your needs. Use these six factors to help guide your decision.

  • Noise Level: Nobody wants to sacrifice peace to feel cool. While picking the best HVAC systems, check the decibel output. The average system produces sounds that range from 25-55 decibels. If you plan on installing the HVAC system near a place of work or study, consider buying a quieter HVAC system. 
  • Energy Efficiency: The best HVAC systems use the most energy for the least cost. Energy-efficient HVAC systems cool or heat while reducing utility bills. The best way to determine HVAC ratings is with its SEERS level. The most efficient systems score between 20-28.
  • Customer Reviews: While purchasing an HVAC system, buyers beware. There’s no better place to calm your fears than other buyers’ reviews. Search the internet for other similar buyers. The reviews you pay attention to should share your home type and budget.   
  • Cost: Before buying an HVAC system, consider your budget. Remember to factor the installation as well as the value of the system. While determining cost, study reviews to decipher factors such as the system’s durability and maintenance cost.
  • Warranty: Quality warranties for HVACs last between 5-10 years. Most standard warranties cover faulty parts’ cost but vary on labor. When considering warranties, It’s essential to get the full warranty details.

The Top-Rated Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems

  • American Standard– American Standard is one of the top-rated heating and air conditioning systems. These systems last forever and have low repair costs. These top-rated heating and air conditioning systems cost a lot, but you get what you pay for.
  • Carrier- Carrier is another top-rated heating and air conditioning systems brand. They build their HVAC systems with strict quality standards. Carrier caters to their customers’ needs with more options than most and offers up to a 21 SEER rating, the highest on the market. Carrier repairs are relatively affordable.
  • Goodman– Goodmans are affordable alternatives American Standard or Carriers. They are some of the best home HVAC systems. Goodman produces reliable, high-quality systems that come with excellent warranties.
  • Trane– Trane offers generous standard ten-year warranties. Trane comes at a premium but makes up for it with quality. Their systems never disappoint.
  • York- York’s value pricing places it as one of the best brands out there. Yorks are near noiseless and perfect for the buyer who wants energy efficiency and serenity.

Recap: Tips For the Top-Rated Heating and Air Conditioning Units

While considering the top-rated heating and air-conditioning systems, much depends on the buyer’s circumstances. For example, don’t buy a high-tech unit if you don’t want to deal with technology daily. For most, a basic setup does the trick.

Remember, noise matters depending on the placement of the system. Find out what type of machine would work best for you. Discuss your decision with your trusted HVAC installer today!