Zoned Heating and Cooling: How to Avoid Hot or Cold Rooms in Your House

As the weather gets warmer with summer approaching, it’ll be time to turn on your air conditioner.  But while your living room might be comfortable, your bedroom might be significantly warmer.  The next thing you know, you’re turning down the temperature of your thermostat and watching your energy bills rise.  At Salt Air, our systems help to avoid these hot and cold rooms, keeping your whole home comfortable and your energy bills down.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

A zoned heating and cooling system is one that divides your home up into different areas or “zones.”  Each zone is controlled by its own separate thermostat.  With zoned heating and cooling, hot and cold rooms are effectively eliminated.

How Do Zoned Systems Work?

Zoned heating and cooling systems work all thanks to mechanized valves, known as dampers.  These dampers control the flow of heated or cooled air through the air ducts.  It also has a significant amount of help from individual thermostats.  There is one thermostat for each zone.  The thermostat and the dampers work together to heat and cool your house effectively.  When a zone needs more heat or cool air, the thermostat opens the damper to let that air in.  When the desired temperature is reached, the damper then closes, and the air is diverted elsewhere.

Benefits of Zoned Systems

There are several benefits to zoned heating and cooling systems.  The first is that there is more even temperature distribution throughout your home.  Heat rises.  If you live in a two-story home, the upper floor is almost always warmer than the lower.  In this instance, at least two zones are used, one upstairs and the other down.  When one zone reaches the desired temperature, the air is then directed to the other zone, creating more even temperatures.

Another benefit of zoned heating and cooling is that it allows you to set different temperatures in different areas of the home.  This can put an end to a lot of family feuds over the temperature of the house.  Zones can be placed in the bedrooms, allowing individuals to set their ideal temperature, ensuring that everyone sleeps comfortably.  It can also make being upstairs more bearable when the oppressive heat of summer kicks in.

If you are experiencing a hot or cold room in your home, forcing you to change the temperature on your thermostat and experience a spike in energy bills, zoned heating and cooling can help.  Call Salt Air today to schedule your consultation.