Questions for Your Contractor

Questions for Your Contractor

Most people ask about efficiency, price, warranty & timeline, but for most homeowners purchasing a new HVAC system will be a once or twice in a lifetime event. This means that most homeowners don’t know what questions to ask their contractor about the installation they are getting. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is my experience that these questions for your contractor are often left unasked and unanswered.

Q: Will you be pulling a permit?

A: Yes. An installation done without a permit could cause you issues and cost money if you try to sell your home if any part was not up to code.

Q: Will you being doing a Manual J load calculation, to determine the correct system for my home?

A: At a minimum a”block” load to determine the whole house heating and cooling load must be performed. To maximize comfort of the whole home a room by room load calculation should be completed.

Q: Will you be balance the airflow from each vent?

A: If you are purchasing a new duct system or your existing duct has balancing dampers, then yes we use to tool called a Flow Hood to balance the airflow of each vent.  This ties together with a room by room load calculation which gives us the necessary info to set the correct airflow of each vent.

Q: Will you be purging with nitrogen?

A: This answer must be yes as it is required by ALL manufacturers.

Q: Who will performing the startup of my new system?

A: A NATE Certified Technician

Q: Will you provide documentation of pressure test, evacuation & start up.

A: Yes all of these steps are vital to the longevity of the system and you need to be sure it is performed  by a qualified technician.

Q: How will you protect my home’s walls and flooring?

A: With appropriate floor coverings, shoe covers and latex gloves.

Q:Who will be responsible for warranty registration?

A: Manufacturers now require that systems be registered within 90 days of install to receive warranty. Your contractor should handle this for you! Unfortunately, we see it overlooked by many.

Q: I am serious about energy conservation, do you offer any other energy assessments?

A: Yes we have capability to evaluate duct leakage, poor insulation or air infiltration using FLIR technology.

Q: Do your employees undergo background checks and random drug screening?

A: Yes we conduct 50 state background checks and random drug screening.  Your home is your most prized possession.  We take very seriously the type of person we allow to work within your home.

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