New Year, New AC Unit

New Year, New Unit! – How to Know When It’s Time to Replace your AC Unit

Living in southeastern North Carolina, we all know that the hot weather is coming. And with that heat and humidity comes a wide range of heating and cooling issues that plague homeowners and commercial properties. So we wanted to take a minute and give you a few ways to assess whether or not it is time to consider replacing your AC system. 

Unwanted Warranty Woes

If you were actually in your home or property when your old AC unit was installed, then you likely know this scenario: 

System is installed.

Installer mentions a standard, factory warranty. 

They mentioned years, but you were mostly just focused on the cool breeze now flowing through your house.

And they said something about an extended warranty… but you weren’t really listening.

And you just read this list, and thought, “Has the warranty on my AC unit expired?”

Sorry about that. Here are some quick facts on most AC system manufacturers: at install, most major brands automatically have a five year warranty on their equipment. But if you were paying attention to that installer, and you heard them say something about registering your AC unit, then you likely heard the option to extend a standard warranty from five to ten years! And ten years is great.

But no matter what kind of warranty you’ve got, most manufacturers have created ways for you to call them and find out if your equipment warranty has expired. If that doesn’t help, we know a super friendly, highly professional heating and cooling company that would love to help!

Repair Bills Can Get Steep

If you’ve called Salt Air Heating and Cooling out to your home or property, and one of our skilled technicians mentions issues with the coils or compressor of your AC units, they’re probably about to give you the tough news that those repairs are expensive. 

Some parts and pieces of an AC system are just costly, and there’s no way around that. But if your system is older, it may be worth asking the technician about the benefits of a new system, as opposed to expensive repairs to an aging system.

Aging Systems Break Down

We stand behind the real value of having a home comfort maintenance plan, which is why we offer three levels of membership at Salt Air. And we will do everything in our power to extend the life and strength of your AC system, no matter how old it is. But just like a car that’s been driven every day for over a decade, AC units can break down. And calling technicians out for refrigerant leaks, rattling or other noises, electrical failures or other issues can become a pretty expensive proposition for many homes and businesses. 

So if you can tell that your system seems to just be deteriorating as a result of time, be sure to call us about the viability of a new AC unit replacement.

Don’t Wait for a Heatwave

The last thing you want to do is place your family, pets, colleagues, or clients in the uncomfortable position of having no air conditioning during the height of summer in the South! And the HVAC companies that are the best at quick, professional installs are going to be slammed this summer. 

So do not wait on this. Don’t put yourself in a long line of repairs come June. Call Salt Air today to get your AC unit evaluated and assessed properly, so you can make an educated decision about replacing your unit.