Love the Air You Breathe

Living in southeastern North Carolina, we all know that allergy season is fast approaching. And all of those allergens present unique challenges to your home, indoor air quality, and your entire AC system. While you reach for allergy pills and inhalers, let us explain how to dramatically improve the indoor air quality of your home. 

How can you improve indoor air quality? 

We’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog, but indoor air quality is simply a reference to the condition of the air in and around the buildings where people live and frequent. And poor indoor air quality can lead to irritations around your eyes, ears, nose and mouth, or even more serious health concerns like heart disease, unexplained illness, and respiratory disease if the exposure to indoor pollutants occurs over a longer period of time.

If you’re looking to improve indoor air quality, always think about your home or office’s ventilation, filtration, and humidity controls. And we are proud to offer a whole house air treatment solution that is as safe as it is effective.

Shining a [UV] Light on Indoor Air Pollutants

Air pollutants break down into three categories: volatile organic compounds [VOC’s] or odors (flowers, candles, household cleaners, pesticides, etc.), particulates (dust, dirt, soot, smoke, pollen, pet dander, etc.) and mold/germs. And these pollutants enter our home through our clothes, shopping items, open doors, cracked windows, and even our own AC units! Some of those pollutants can be deterred with quality air filters and basic UV light components. But the team at Salt Air Heating & Cooling is proud to offer a cutting-edge UV technology from APCO

Why UV Light Matters in an AC Unit

Fresh-Aire UV is the maker of the world’s best whole-house UV light and activated carbon air purifiers. And their APCO Air Treatment System is incredible.

Imagine a component that seamlessly attaches to your central air system, that sterilizes both biological and chemical contaminants while neutralizing the odors that cycle through your home! That’s exactly what this product does, and at a much more efficient rate than using a standard UV light and the air filters throughout your home or office.

This ozone-free product fights off mold, bacteria, odors, and toxic VOC’s that makes allergies unbearable, and makes cold and flu season a nightmare for so many of us.

So Love the Air You Breath

It is so easy to focus on the weather and the changing seasons when we think of allergies and illness, but we cannot control any of that. But a whole house air treatment solution is something that we can all control, and our Salt Air team has the best system available! 

So give us a call today to see how the APCO Air Treatment System can get you to love the air you breathe.