Ideal Office Temperatures for Productivity

What Temperature is Perfect for the Office?

When it comes to office space, it can be difficult to find the right temperature that suits every employee. Some may be overly hot while others are cold. It is important for the office manager to find the ideal office temperature for the work environment, creating a comfortable as well as productive space. A difference of even a few degrees will have a strong impact on how engaged or focused employees are.

For the past few decades, experts have suggested that the temperature in an office should be between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this research is now outdated. In the past, an office would be primarily filled with men. Today’s there are just as many female employees as there are men and this plays a factor in determining the right temperature for an office. It is suggested to hire a commercial hvac repair Wilmington NC company to conduct an audit on your heating and cooling system.

Women in the Office

ideal office temperatures for women

In 2015, a study found that the chemistry of a woman’s body must be considered when reviewing the thermostat temperature, especially during the summer. In the summer months, an air conditioning system can run nonstop, creating a colder environment. When compared to men, women actually have a lower metabolic rate and usually, have more body fat. Because of this, women will be more susceptible to cold. If there are more women in the office, then an adjustment to the temperature of the space may be needed.

Today, a minimum temperature of 71.5 F is recommended, but office managers do need to consider other factors. The design of the building plays a major role. If the office has large windows, the sunlight coming through can create a warmer environment. High ceilings also contribute to poor air distribution. This means air conditioning systems and heating units will have to work harder to reach desired temperatures. Knowing the building will be helpful in determining the right temperature setting based on these factors.

Productivity is Affected by Temperature

Research shows that as the temperature in the workplace rises, productivity will decline and that is why it is important to  maintain consistent temperatures through heat pump service. Both male and female employees will be less productive when the temperature reaches more than 90 degrees. The same can be said about a decrease in temperature. When the thermostat is set at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, people will be shivering and not able to complete their daily work tasks.

There are several factors that affect temperature perception that will determine how those in the office are affected. Weight and age play a huge factor. An individual with more body mass index will feel warmer quicker while a lower BMI will cause someone to get colder quicker. Age plays a role because an individual who is older will be affected by the cold quicker than a younger employee. An office with older employees will need to be a warmer space than one where younger individuals are employed.

Taking all these factors into account will help you to determine what setting the office thermostat needs to be in order for employees to be productive. Create a survey and distribute to employees throughout the office and determine if you are better off with a standard temperature of 71.5 or if the office needs to be set at a lower or higher temperature.