In-Home HVAC Consultation

At Salt Air, we customize home heating and cooling systems with maximum comfort and efficiency in mind.

Our goal for our clients is to customize a home heating and cooling solution that is unique to their needs. What you can expect from your residential HVAC consultation is a complete solution with no hidden fees.  Your Salt Air consultant will get to know your desired time frame, home comfort preferences and can even talk with you about your budget and financing if needed.

    In-Home Survey and Needs Assessment

    The appointment begins with a survey of your home. Your HVAC consultant will take photos and careful measurements to create your custom plan.  This home survey is important for both planning and installation. This step maps out your plan to avoid any miscommunication between the design team and the installation team.

    Manual J Heat Loss Calculations and Measurements

    During your in-home assessment, your consultant will review your electrical, gas, hot water and take other notes on all of your homes internal systems.  This step helps the team get to know your needs for unit size as well as air flow and insulation. Making sure your home heating and cooling system works well with these other elements of your home is crucial to maximum efficiency and comfort.

    Plan Recommendations and Scope of Work

    After assessing all the measurements and calculating your results.  Your Salt Air consultant will sit down with you and give you some options to consider.  Our team can help you find a home heating and cooling solution to meet your needs and budget and is based on system requirements unique to your home.

    It may seem like a complicated system for assessment, but finding a properly sized residential heating and air  system takes a certified professional with years of experience. We can help you find the perfect unit that closely matches the capacity of your home and is design to provide the best results for homes the Wilmington region.

    Common Home Heating and Cooling Mistakes to Avoid

    Our team will help you avoid common mistakes, like purchasing an over-sized system or a system that is too small for your home. Home heating and cooling units that are too large can result in the home being cooled too quickly, this means that the system will turn on and off more frequently, known as “short-cycling”. Short cycling not only decreases the life expectancy of the unit, but decreases the system’s ability to dehumidify the air since the indoor coil does not remain cold long enough to cause condensation. Dehumidified air in your home is crucial for our humid Wilmington summers. Undersized units are incapable of heating and cooling the whole house, causing the unit to work around-the-clock, which also decreases the life expectancy of the unit.

    Trust an Expert for Your Home Comfort Needs

    To schedule your In-Home HVAC Consultation, fill out the form above, or give us a call at 910-777-3539