ideal office temperatures

Ideal Office Temperatures for Productivity

February 23, 2018
What Temperature is Perfect for the Office? When it comes to office space, it can be difficult to find the right temperature that suits every employee. Some may be overly hot while others are cold. It is important for the office manager to find the ideal office temperature for the work environment, creating a comfortable as well as productive space. A difference of even a few degrees will have a strong impact on how engaged or ... Continue Reading

commercial hvac systems 101

Are You Affected by these Common Commercial HVAC Problems?

January 16, 2018
When it comes to HVAC systems, regularly scheduled maintenance is essential. For commercial HVAC units, regular maintenance is even more important. For those Wilmington NC businesses who house office spaces, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. the HVAC unit is a key component to keeping up with business as usual. Here is our commercial HVAC systems 101. See some of the most common commercial HVAC problems and learn how having regular commercial HVAC maintenance checks can prevent these problems from occurring. Refrigerant Leak One of ... Continue Reading

ductless heating and cooling systems

How Does Ductless Heating and Cooling Work?

December 19, 2017
Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems Are you considering ductless heating and cooling but aren’t really sure how it works? This article will explain more about the systems and how they operate, and what benefits they provide. Ductless systems are best used for additions to homes, homes with existing central air conditioning systems, or another area. This is because the ductwork would not have to be extended into another room and a ductless system provides an easy ... Continue Reading

oak island heating and air

HVAC Repair Service in Oak Island NC

October 26, 2017
St. James & Oak Island NC HVAC Repair A properly functional HVAC unit is necessary for your family’s comfort—and even your safety. Without a working unit, you’re at risk not just to extreme temperatures, but also poor air quality and other potential problems. The company has announced that is coveted, seasoned and affordable range of HVAC repair service, including some of the most reliable air conditioning repair in Oak Island NC and heat pump and furnace repair ... Continue Reading

geothermal hvac

How to Implement a Geothermal HVAC System in a Retrofit or New Construction Project

October 15, 2017
Installing a geothermal HVAC system into any commercial property can provide major benefits. But what if you need to install the geothermal HVAC system into a retrofit or new construction project? It is quite possible to do so and still see the benefits of a geothermal system. Read further to learn more about the benefits of these geothermal HVAC systems and how they can be installed into new construction or retrofit situations. Benefits Geothermal HVAC systems ... Continue Reading

how to keep your house cool

Tips On How To Keep Your House Cool

September 25, 2017
Summer can be exhausting with all the heat it brings. Your home can be difficult to keep cool even with the use of your air conditioning. If you are looking for ways on how to keep your house cool this summer, here are a few tips to help get you through the heat. Use Fans Utilizing ceiling fans and box fans are a great way to stay cool in the summer. Fans can provide extra cooling air ... Continue Reading

American Standard Air Conditioner

August 28, 2017
Discover the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Products for Your Home! American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing the very best air conditioning and heating services to dealers and communities since 1880. Salt Air Inc. offer many HVAC systems and parts to HVAC dealers around the country so they can, in turn, provide those products to their customers. We offer only the best when it comes to air conditioning products and services and have ... Continue Reading

common sources of indoor air pollution

Common Sources of Indoor Air Pollution – Optimized for Indoor Air Quality

July 21, 2017
Indoor air pollution can pose a threat to the health and well-being of you and your family. Poor air quality can wreak havoc on weakened immune systems, allergies, and cause a myriad of health problems if not maintained. Read further to learn more about some common sources of indoor air pollution and how you can maintain a healthy home. Paint There are many types of paint available in today’s age that is much safer than oil paints ... Continue Reading

hvac replacement

Tips on Financing Home HVAC Replacement

June 20, 2017
An HVAC system replacement can be a very costly expense. While these units typically last up to 20-25 years, they will need replacing at some point. The cost of replacing your HVAC unit can be expensive depending on the severity of needs and the duct system condition. This can be a difficult cost to make and can really put a damper on your budget. However, there are options available for financing your HVAC system replacement; you ... Continue Reading

heating and cooling

Zoned Heating and Cooling: How to Avoid Hot or Cold Rooms in Your House

May 15, 2017
As the weather gets warmer with summer approaching, it'll be time to turn on your air conditioner.  But while your living room might be comfortable, your bedroom might be significantly warmer.  The next thing you know, you’re turning down the temperature of your thermostat and watching your energy bills rise.  At Salt Air, our systems help to avoid these hot and cold rooms, keeping your whole home comfortable and your energy bills down. Zoned Heating and ... Continue Reading