The Top Things To Look For In A Reliable HVAC Repair Service

The Top Things To Look For In A Reliable HVAC Repair Service

March 17, 2020
An HVAC system is one of the costliest systems to install in your home. With routine maintenance, your HVAC should last 15-25 years before needing replacement. However, components can malfunction and parts need repair. Without being a mechanic yourself, it's hard to know which repair person to trust with your HVAC system. Will they overcharge? Will they do quality work? If you're wondering how to find a reliable HVAC repair service, look no further. Read on for ... Continue Reading

hvac troubleshooting

5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Know

February 17, 2020
When it's cold outside, there's nothing more important than staying warm. And it's just as essential to keep your home cool when summer rolls around. Most people take their HVAC system for granted until something goes wrong. Your heating and cooling system works hard to make sure that the interior of your house remains comfortable regardless of the time of year.  When there's a problem, things can get uncomfortable in a hurry. That's why you need to ... Continue Reading

heat pumps service wilmington nc

Pump It Up: Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps

Most homeowners understand the essentials about common home heating options, such as furnaces or boilers. Furnaces burn oil or gas and heat air, which a fan distributes through the house. Boilers heat water which gets pumped through the house to radiators. What about heat pumps, though? If you're scratching your head, you're not the first. While popular among the sustainable living set, they're far less common than furnaces and boilers. Want to know more about heat pumps? ... Continue Reading

Broken furnace

7 Signs of a Broken Furnace That You Should Not Ignore

December 20, 2019
The average cost to repair a broken furnace runs about $289. Oftentimes there are warning signs that lead up to the outright failure of the furnace. If you're able to identify that your furnace is nearing a breakdown point, catching the problem early may save you big. In this article, we'll discuss the basic warning signs of a broken furnace. 7 Signs You Have a Broken Furnace There are several different signs that can hint at a furnace about ... Continue Reading

how to change a thermostat

How to Change a Home Heating Thermostat: Your Complete Step-By-Step Guide

December 9, 2019
With the influx of "smart" thermostat technologies that offer connectivity over distance and the ability to set detailed schedules to save on electric bills, more people are wanting to replace outdated thermostats. Does yours need an upgrade? If you're wondering how to change a thermostat in your house, keep reading for our handy step-by-step guide! 1. Confirm Your Current System Is Compatible Some older systems are not compatible with the new thermostats that are available. You need to ... Continue Reading

hvac maintenance is important

5 Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance is Important for the Upcoming Months

October 16, 2019
Winter's coming up, and you know what that means: it'll be time to fire up your heater soon! But if you've neglected your HVAC unit, you may be in for a chilly surprise when it gets cold. To avoid disappointment (and freezing extremities), you should get regular maintenance done for your heating and AC. Here are 5 reasons why HVAC maintenance is important for the upcoming months. 1. Improve Air Quality Normally, you probably have a few windows open ... Continue Reading

how long do hvac units last

How Long Do HVAC Units Last? 5 Tips to Extending the Life of Yours

October 1, 2019
Heating and cooling systems account for 6% of all electricity used in the United States. But how long do HVAC units last, anyway? And for that matter, what can you do to save money and keep your system alive longer? Keep reading to find out! How Long Do HVAC Units Last? The exact length of your system's lifespan will depend on a number of factors including upkeep, usage and weather conditions. For the most part, you can expect your ... Continue Reading

hvac contractor

5 Key Things to Consider When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

August 22, 2019
The concept of air conditioning dates back to several thousands of years ago when Iranians engineered wind catchers to combat warm weather. Nowadays heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is a given luxury in the average home. We've all dreaded our heating or cooling bills at any given time of the year, but HVAC is a utility none of us would want to live without. Sooner or later, your system is bound to be in need ... Continue Reading

Broken Air Conditioner

The Warning Signs of a Broken Air Conditioner

July 23, 2019
Are you troubled lately by an extra-hot house? Starting to wonder if you've got a broken air conditioner? Then stop wondering and keep reading. We have all the common signs you're most likely experiencing if there's something wrong with your AC. Read on to learn the signs and know when to call in professional air conditioning repair near Wilmington, NC. 1. Weak Airflow One of the most common signs something's wrong with your air conditioner is a lack of ... Continue Reading

whole house filter

Everything You Need to Know About Home Air Filtration

June 11, 2019
Does your home have an air filtration system in place? If not, you should consider getting one installed. Most people overlook the issues that indoor air pollution can cause in their home. Installing a whole house filter is one of the best things you can do for your health and the health of your entire family. Whether you live in a busy city or not, the air you're breathing indoors can be more harmful (and even ... Continue Reading