Be the House with the Lights On: How Generators Weather the Storm

As the summer sun begins to raise up across the Carolinas, the sunshine also reminds us all that it is storm season. Torrential rains, driving winds, and flying debris are likely when tropical storms and hurricanes roll across our coastline, and with those dangers comes very frustrating power outages. So let’s spend a few minutes talking about home generators, and how Salt Air HVAC can help you now, before the storms arrive!

Generating Power When Power is Down

The job of any generator is fairly simple, but its impact is enormous. While there are several models of generators to choose from, and we will discuss them in a moment, a generator brings power to places that need it. Whether you’re temporarily powering something during an outdoor event, or you want to keep your whole home running during an emergency, generators get that job done.

If You Want One, Get the Best One

Salt Air exclusively provides Honeywell Generators because they are the premium brand for portable, whole home, and commercial use. Honeywell generators are an industry standard for reliability, safety, and flexibility to your specific needs. If you have more questions about our line of generators, feel free to contact us.

A Generator For Every Occasion

As we have mentioned already, there are quite a few styles and sizes when it comes to generators and it is important to hire a servicing company like Salt Air that will measure out a proper sizing of your generator and then provide 24/7 maintenance on any of the services provided. If you’re buying the best products, make sure you have a service team that matches your equipment!

On the Go: Portable Generators

You have seen all kinds of portable generators. And they are an essential element to large outdoor events, and for a home, they can be a more cost-effective purchase that will keep the lights on for a short while. Additionally, for residential power use, an interlock switch would need to be operated manually in the event of a power outage or an emergency. So while this may be the cheaper option available, you have to weigh the dangers of going out in an emergency, without power, to physically turn the generator on.

Transfer Switch for Whole Home 

So often, stressed-out shoppers will run to the store and buy a portable generator as a storm approaches. That leaves little time to follow factory installation recommendations and even less time to properly install that generator. So you may have the wrong size generator, hooked up incorrectly or directly into your electrical service panel, posing a serious danger to your home and appliances, as well as utility workers that will eventually be working to restore power.

We have a solution to both the rushed purchase and the dangerous installation, with a whole home generator that has a transfer switch installed. That transfer switch is a small circuit board that will be placed near your circuit breaker panel. This is a safe way to connect essential appliances directly to the transfer switch circuits, with dedicated switches for each appliance. The drawback here is limited use, and again, a manual component for switching power to the generator and back again.

Standby Generators: Powering Without the Work

Our Honeywell Standby Generators are sized to your needs, safely installed just outside the perimeter of your home, and come with an automatic transfer switch inside the machine. That means that in the event of an outage of any kind, in no longer than 30 seconds, your generator will automatically kick on, powering your entire house. And not only does your electricity come back on for your home, but once utility power is restored, the standby generator senses it and switches power back to your utility service. 

This state of the art system, along with any of our Honeywell products, comes with a factory five-year parts and labor warranty, and we proudly offer an additional seven to ten-year warranty! So no matter what your needs are, if you need power remotely or to have power restored during a natural disaster or an emergency, a generator from Salt Air is just what you need.