Ain’t No Cure For the Summertime Blues – Except A Honeywell Generator!

Summer may bring lemonade, shorts, flip flops, and barbeques. But it’s hard to enjoy any of those things if summer weather has knocked out your air conditioning and electricity! A generator is an essential home investment for summertime, especially in the Lower Cape Fear where hurricanes and severe storms are all but guaranteed. Honeywell generators are both the most advanced and most cost-effective available. That’s why the team at Salt Air Heating & Cooling recommend them for your home.


Don’t let a storm put your family in danger by cutting off communication. Your generator will enable you to keep your phones charged to call for help or check in with loved ones.

According to government food safety standards, just two hours of power loss can spoil perishable refrigerated food. After four hours without power, all refrigerated food is potentially hazardous. Don’t let your summertime spread go to waste because your power went out!

Your food not only needs to stay cold, but your family also needs to stay safe! Don’t rely on outdated and unsafe generators or get stuck trying to stay cool when loss of power means no air conditioning. A Honeywell generator will keep you comfortable and give you peace of mind when you need it most.


Honeywell has been a leader in home heating and cooling for decades, and their new generators are a cut above what’s come before. They require less maintenance but simultaneously give customers unprecedented knowledge and control over their operation.

Honeywell’s new class of smart generators can automatically turn on when they sense interruptions in the power grid. There’s no need to even go outside!

You won’t need to remember to refuel your generator. These advanced models powered by natural gas or liquid propane don’t require refueling, so they’re always ready to go.

Honeywell generators also offer remote monitoring via a smartphone app. There are also service reminders and checking your generator’s readiness prior to storms.

One size does not fit all when it comes to Honeywell generators. If you’re looking for something more economical or a back-up “just in case,” solutions offered by the team at Salt Air Heating & Cooling will fit your needs and will be expertly installed so you know it will work right when you need it the most!

Our Honeywell Standby Generators are sized to your needs, safely installed just outside the perimeter of your home, and come with an automatic transfer switch inside the machine. That means that in the event of an outage of any kind, in no longer than 30 seconds, your generator will automatically kick on, powering your entire house. And not only does your electricity come back on for your home, but once utility power is restored, the standby generator senses it and switches power back to your utility service.

This state-of-the-art system, along with any of our Honeywell products, comes with a factory five-year parts and labor warranty, and we proudly offer an additional seven-to-10-year warranty! So, no matter what your needs are, if you need power remotely or to have power restored during a natural disaster or an emergency, a generator from Salt Air is just what you need.

Salt Air Heating & Cooling is the Lower Cape Fear’s premier HVAC service professionals. Our customers know that our formula for success is simple: do the job right, the first time, for a fair price. Are you ready to see what Honeywell generators can do for your summer readiness? Call us at 910-777-3539 or use our secure contact form.